The Ultimate Transformation Program

The Ultimate Mind And Body Transformation Book

You reading this tells me you are frustrated with how you look and feel. You are tired of being out of shape and not knowing what to do about it. You are also lacking motivation, depressed or feeling that you will never succeed with your fitness.

You are in the right place.

The answer to your problem is in your mind. The first step is to get your mindset right. Before I tell you what the proper mindset is, let me tell you why it is the most important thing to the success of your fitness and weight loss.

Where your mind goes your body follows. It is that simple. Think about it, your body does nothing without your mind directing you first.

So before you start any fitness program to be successful you need to get your mind in shape.

Let me give you an example of how your mind leads your body:

Imagine you were standing in front of me right
now holding a firm, waxy yellow lemon… 

And you cut right into that lemon and sliced off
a juicy wedge…

And you picked that lemon wedge up …
shoved it into your mouth .. and bit
down hard…

And imagine the smell of that lemon and how
SOUR it is as your mouth seems to recoil into
a tight pucker…

And you’re salivating and recoiling in the sourness
of that lemon…

Here is a question for you. Did your mouth water?

If you are like most people, your mouth did water. When you started thinking about biting into a lemon and immediately your mouth filled with saliva and you may have even puckered up involuntarily…

That is the power of the mind over your body.

Now to answer the mindset question. The faster you can get your subconscious making the decisions about your fitness, the faster you will have success getting in the best shape of your life.

Let me explain.

When you first started learning to drive, how tough was it for you. Everything you did you had to think about. How much pressure you put on the brake to stop. How much pressure you put on the gas pedal to go. How much to turn the wheel to turn or even change lanes.

Remember how you felt? Butterflies in your stomach, nervous, not a lot of confidence, right? But you were excited about learning how to drive. So you plodded along working at learning to drive. Everything you did took a conscious effort.

Fast forward to now. When you get in your car you are confident about your ability to drive. You don’t really think consciously about what you are doing. For example have you ever got in your car and had something on your mind. When you got to your destination you could bearly remembered the trip, you just know you got there. That is your subconscious taking over.  

It is no different when it comes to your fitness. You must get your fitness the same way. Where it becomes a part of your subconscious. This is the proper mindset to have. So how do you do this?

Here is where my book comes in.

  In The Fitness Game you will learn the following:

·         How to make your fitness training mentally and physically easier by getting your subconscious to take it over quickly

·         How being like a torpedo will help you succeed in reaching your goals (fitness and any other goals)

·         Why positive instructions and affirmations are more powerful for the brain then negative ones

·         Why brain confusion will help you succeed

Within reading a couple of chapters of The Fitness Game you will be armed with the ability to move your fitness successfully into your subconscious. You will be so excited about how my book will help you change your mindset for good by the time you finish reading it.

It is time now for you to start getting in the best shape of your life, click on the link below and order my book. The price is $9.95.

To order now click on the link below:

Purchase The Fitness Game

A couple of reviews of The Fitness Game:

The Fitness Game is phenomenal. Finally, we have a realistic, doable approach to getting and staying healthy. The strategies that are outlined in this book just make sense. Fitness truly is a game that anyone can win if they have the right mindset, the commitment to stick with it and the support to get back in the game when it gets tough.

I have been implementing the ideas from The Fitness Game into my routine for the past 5 months and I am definitely seeing the difference. Working out and eating healthy are no longer chores, but something I look forward to. My fitness goals are within reach and I know that I will win this game.

Lisa M.

Coach Ussery’s unorthodox style is exactly what the fitness world has been looking for. In his book “The Fitness Game,” Ussery prepares the student mentally, not just physically. The way he approaches health and fitness is unparalleled and reading this book is the way for any person, at any age, to begin their own fitness journey. Ussery’s relatable anecdotes and short exercises succeed in providing readers with support to feel more confident in their ability to succeed at the fitness game. Unlike the typical author or trainer, Coach Ussery isn’t the type to give you the tools and leave you high and dry to figure it all out. He’s there every step of the way and stands by what he teaches. 

Matt H.

Ashley(on right): Tony helped me overcome weight and confidence problems

Jessica: Tony helped me get in the best shape of my life

Anna: Tony helped me defeat my fears and get in the shape I dreamed about

Learn to live the life of your dreams. Time to tap into the limitless power to change any aspect of your life. Your Mind.

Here is a mind blowing revelation. You know it is said that we only use 10% of our brain. It is a misconception. The 10% they are talking about is the concious mind. The subconcious mind is what uses the other 90%.

This means that if you can tap into the subconcious you can tap into your limitless power source.

I help you do just that! 

This is the last book you will ever need to purchase when it comes to your fitness. Get it today and start winning your Fitness Game. At the end of this book I have a life changing surprise for you. 

It is time to take action and make the change to incredible, order now.

If you have any questions please give me a call at 619-792-0662

To order now click on the link below:

Purchase The Fitness Game


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