The Ultimate Transformation Program




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Fitness Game Consulting is a unique full service company specializing in taking athletes to the top of their sport. Through systematic planning we transform average athletes to top performers. We provide the following services for our clients:

(1) Full Assessment of Athlete

We do a full assessment of your athlete including talent, bio-mechanics, mentality, personality, academics and socially. We let you know where your athlete is truly stands and what he or she needs to work on.

(2) Customized Transformation Plan

We formulate a custom transformation action plan for your athlete. It will include all facets of training (talent, strength and conditioning, bio-mechanics), nutrition, image, academics and neuro-enhancement.

(3) Physical Training

We create a customized PTP (Physical Training Program) for each athlete. If you are in our area we will handle the actual training of the athlete. If you are not in our area, we will find you the best trainer or if you are doing it on your own, a day by day layout of your program. The program will include strength training, speed training, plyometrics and endurance.

(4) Skills Training

We will find and place your athlete with the best trainer we can find in your area for your specific sport. We will have him formulate a plan of action. We will constantly monitor your progress, to make sure you are getting everything you can out of your training.

(5) Mental Training

We will evaluate and formulate a plan that will train your athlete’s mind for success. This is by far the most important factor, because where the mind goes the body follows. This will be the thing that will allow your athlete to progress in all the other aspects rapidly.

(6) Nutrition

There will be a customized nutrition program designed for your athlete. It is important for your athlete to engage in beneficial eating habits. Good nutrition helps with mind enhancement and physical enhancement.

(7) Positioning

We will evaluate your area and find the best athletic environments for you. We will figure out the best school for you to attend in your area and the best club or AAU teams to play with. For individual sports we will evaluate the best tournaments and other events for you to participate in. We will also help you with your choice of college and getting into that college.

(8) Academic Assistance

We we be monitoring your athletes academic progress. If they run into any problems if needed we will assist them to give back on course and stay on course.

(9) Image Consulting

We will evaluate your athlete and assist your athlete in forming the right image. How you are perceived goes a long way when it comes to fulfilling your goals and dreams to getting to the levels your athlete aspires to reach. We want to make sure their image is solid in every aspect, athletically, academically, socially and community wise. This will include how to handle and communicate with the media.

(10)  Conflict Resolution and Management

There is always a chance that something in your athlete’s life can go wrong. If that does occur and you need help dealing with those situation, we will help you manage or bring those situations to a positive resolution.

If you need more information call 619-792-0662.



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