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Fitness Book by a Former Pro Athlete reveals secrets on How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Summary: Fitness coach and former pro athlete Anthony Ussery describes the secrets for getting and staying fit in an easy to understand language in his new book “The Fitness game”

 Too many of us have experienced the frustration of losing weight after several months of hard work, only to gain it all back as soon as we relax our efforts a little. Or how about the huge let-down you feel after you’ve “already tried everything” and still don’t attain your desired shape? It’s just a matter of time before a sense of utter defeat sets in!

But renowned fitness coach Anthony Ussery says this does not have to be so. In his groundbreaking book “The Fitness Game,” Ussery teaches people how to win against fat and flab and never be conquered again.

The secret, he said, is to start by training the most important body part of all: the person’s mind. “True and permanent fitness begins by getting your mind right first,” Ussery said. He added, “It’s not just a matter of positive thinking. For fitness to be permanent, you need to reach a point where you no longer have to consciously think about fitness. Instead, your subconscious automatically directs your body and actions to bring you to your desired shape and stay there.”

In “The Fitness Game,” Ussery takes your hand and guides you to that point.

The book is a compendium of wisdom and knowledge born from over 40 years of athletic experience. Ussery’s methods and personal training have already brought success to many NFL and NBA players and other professional athletes in 12 different countries all over the world.
“I have never failed in getting my clients to reach or even surpass their fitness goals, as long as they stick with my program,” Ussery said with pride. “Now everyone has a chance to be part of my successful trainees and discover the secrets to getting fit and staying fit in my ebook “The Fitness Game.”

The Fitness Game” is available for download at Amazon.



Anthony Ussery

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About Anthony Ussery

Anthony Ussery has been involved in physical fit arena for over 40 years. He was a professional basketball player for 5 years and a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor and Fitness Consultant over 20 years.

His clientele includes people at all fitness levels and range from NFL, NBA players and athletes looking to go into professional sports to high level corporate executives, military, law enforcement officers and actors and music performers. For years, he has been thinking about teaching the public his training methods but he was too busy with his professional clients. He has trained people in 12 different countries. 2 years ago he decided to stop traveling and get into training the public and he loves it.  

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Mind Games; Is Fitness More About Believing?

Michael LuchiesYahoo! Contributor Network
Apr 17, 2013

Getting in shape has been a lifelong battle. I have tried diet pills, sweat suits, wrist and ankle weights, vibrating ab belts, weight loss drinks, juicing diets, workout videos, and a countless number of programs and diets. Even after all of those efforts, I still struggle to find something that works for me.

Instead of searching for another new product or diet to solve my quest to get in shape and stay that way, I am going to focus on the mental aspect. Can fitness be more about your state of mind than what you do? My question might seem like a stretch, but think about it. The mind can do amazing things. I have noticed in myself that having confidence and motivation can help me achieve almost anything I set my mind to.

I have made the mistake in the past of taking advice from those who were not successful at what they were giving me advice about. As my financial hero Dave Ramsey says, “Broke people giving financial advice is like a shop teacher with missing fingers.” The same is true with fitness and getting in shape.

In his recently released book The Fitness Game, former professional athlete and Neuro-Physic transformation expert Anthony Ussery focuses on the mental aspect of fitness, not just the physical part of getting in shape. Ussery has coached and trained anyone and everyone from average joe’s to professional athletes. One of his lessons that stuck out to me is that most people are trying to get in shape for the wrong reasons. In The Fitness Game Ussery says, “If you are playing the Fitness Game for someone else and not for yourself, you will lose every time.”

I thought back to all of my failed diets and efforts to get in shape. It was true that I was always getting in shape for someone else and not myself. Whether a girlfriend or because someone said that I was getting fat, it was never for my own health and well-being. I also never truly believed in what I was doing or that it would work. This caused me to quickly lose focus and come up with an easily accessible excuse for why I had failed.

No more excuses. I am going to focus on the mental aspect first. I am going to get in shape for myself and take an active role instead of relying on a product or diet pills to help me. Just thinking thin won’t get me there, but without the mental belief, I have already lost before getting started.

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Anthony Ussery Releases A New Book — ‘The Fitness Game’
Anthony Ussery, a Neuro-Physic transformation expert, a NLP expert and a Hypno-Therapist, today announced the release of his new book — ‘The Fitness Game.’ The book helps people prepare their minds to get in shape of their dreams.

El Cajon , california — Apr 04, 2013 / ( —
March 27, 2013: Anthony Ussery, a renowned name when it comes to Neuro-Physic transformation experts, today announced the release of his new book — ‘The Fitness Game.’ According to the sources, the book targets those people who have mentally given up on getting back in shape and are extremely frustrated in relation to the same. It is a unique guide that aims to help people in preparing their minds and guide them to their fitness success and a healthy and fit living in turn.
Speaking on the occasion Anthony said, “It is the fitness book for the mind.” He further added, “When it comes to getting back in shape, the battle is lost even before putting in any kind of efforts in most cases. Most simply believe that they cannot get back in shape or feel that they would never be able to take up the challenge. This is where ‘The Fitness Game’ comes into the scene and can be a perfect guide for a better and healthier future.” The book also gives an offer at the end for personal assistance in meeting personal goals.
The book is priced at $9.99 and is available in the digital format on Amazon as well as Lulu platform. The book has around 82 pages and based on Anthony’s unique system that has already helped a number of people.
Jessica Rodriquez, a user benefitted from the system said, “Coach Tony’s program took me from being very over weight to being in the best shape of my life and running extreme races. His program has helped me get the proper mindset to reach my fitness goals.” Another user Michelle Goff added, “Coach Tony program helped me really believe in myself for the first time in my life. I lost 10 pants sizes in 2 1/2 months. I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to Coach Tony.”

About the Author

Anthony Ussery is a Neuro-Physic transformation expert, a NLP expert and a Hypno-Therapist. He has also been an athlete for 40 years and a professional one for seven years. He has trained sportsperson at all levels in different sports and helped millions get in shape of their dreams.


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