The Ultimate Transformation Program

Welcome To The Fitness Game

Welcome to The Fitness Game. This is the program that will transform your mind and body forever. This program gets the mind in shape like no other fitness program on the market. No longer will you have to worry about your fitness. Being in great shape will become a way of life.

The Fitness Game (TFG for short) is a company whose aim is to help people get in the shape of their dreams. TFG has developed a complex, specialized fitness plan called Spartan Elite Training for males and females of all ages and skill levels.

“SPARTAN Elite Training” (SET) is about analyzing the individual both mentally and physically; based on the results, we can develop a customized fitness program that will get them in shape in a very short while.

TFG specializes in 3 areas: 1) People who are frustrated with their bodies and have already “tried everything”. 2) Companies that are looking for a wellness program for their employees. 3) Athletes who wish to improve their physical and mental health.

It’s Time Program of SET is for those people who are dissatisfied with their bodies and would like to do something about it. The program gives them the boot camp feel, however, it is a fitness workout plan tailored to their individual needs. We help our clients both mentally and physically get past all the obstacles that have stopped them from succeeding in reaching their fitness goals. It’s Time Program of SET gives you all their answers about getting in shape and maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life.

Customized Integrated Direct Contact Wellness Program of SET will provide companies with a specific wellness program that will help their employees maintain their health.

Total Package Athletic Program of SET has workout programs of different levels, from a minimum level named Athletic Warrior to Athletic Super Heroes. Our athletes have the strength, speed, and mental discipline to win wars on the playing field. There is no other specialized workout plan available that will achieve such great results. The Total Package program is the safest and most intense training program available. This is why our athletes are BiggerFaster, Stronger, and Better than their competitors.

Cheer Transformation Program of SET will build special strength for competitive cheerleading companies, including many workout schedules, forming a complex workout program that meets every participant’s needs.

SET programs are currently used by the following: the ABA San Diego Surf Team, CheerForce Teams and individual All-Star Cheerleaders, San Diego State Cheerleaders, athletes, in Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Swimming, Volleyball and Basketball from Junior High School, High School, College and the Professional Ranks.

For more information on the programs call 619-792-0662 or email to



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